“This book is the best yet to describe the breadth and depth of cannabis’s potential to improve modern day life in this time of loosening shackles on the legality of weed. For those who have just begun to use cannabis, The Little Book of Cannabis is an inspiration to push ahead and uncover the many opportunities that lie ahead.”Laurie Vollen, M.D., MPH, Founder of Naturally Healing MD

“Cannabis books tend to be extremely clinical or border on satire. However, The Little Book of Cannabis gives the reader the evidence they want with the readability that makes it easy to learn. Whether you’re a professional in the field of medicine, the field of cannabis, or a cannabis consumer, this guide will bring to light important information and experiences.” —Dr. Amanda Reiman, former California policy manager for the Drug Policy Alliance, Head of Community Relations for Flow Kana

TheLittle Book of Cannabis can be a big help in weeding out sleeplessness, chronic pain, anxiety, and even sex malfunctions. What can cannabis do for you? Amanda Siebert has all the answers.” —Peter Moore, former editor of Men’s Health

The Little Book of Cannabis has some big ideas about how to optimize your relationship with this most wonderful plant.” —David Bienenstock, author of How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A Highbrow Guide to Getting High, host of the Great Moments in Weed History podcast

“A helpful guide to understanding the nuances and complexities of both recreational and medical cannabis use.” —Brett Harvey, director of The Culture High

“Amanda Siebert’s The Little Book of Cannabis combines crisp design with her friendly and inviting narrative style. Siebert’s new book offers readers a science-based understanding of the medical efficacy of marijuana, but without any confusion. The fact that this promising new author has elected to exclude the traditional technobabble in favor of a book to which any patient or cannabis consumer can relate is overwhelmingly refreshing.” —Curt “Gooey Rabinski” Robbins, cannabis writer, consultant, and author of Understanding Medical Marijuana: The State of Medicinal Cannabis in the United States

“While the author’s affinity for cannabis is clear, she makes a distinction between what is known about cannabis and what is speculated about cannabis. There is an ever-present skepticism in the text that acts as a reminder to the reader not to make cannabis seem better, or more appealing, than it is or should be. In this way, “The Little Book of Cannabis ~ How Marijuana Can Improve Your Life” is a responsible, thoughtful and well-articulated, user-manual for improving your quality of life with cannabis.” Reviewed by (See full review here)